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Hot Sauce

New Orleans



The Body On The Gurney

We have a body laying on a gurney - just like it would be in an ambulance.
An automobile windshield wiper is under the sheets where the arms are.
There is a motion detector on that is attached to real police lights on the van.
Whe the motion detector is tripped, the body moves and the lights go off.

The Body in the Body Bag

This is a body in a body bag. Currently it is not animated but is creepy enough!

The Open Heart Man
He opens his chest, his heart beats, he screams!

The Headless Man
He pulls of his head, he screams!

Creepy Gouhl and Dancing Frankie

Another Creepy Gouhl and Friends

Dancing Skeleton

Edward the Butler

Buried Alive Mummy

Big Gouhl

Gouhl on a Rail

Creepy Skull

Bloody Bride

Body on a slab

Dancing Frankie, Edward the Butler, Dancing Skeleton and Friends

Some other things hanging from the trees